Meet the Characters

Quipsterland is a magical place full of extraordinary characters. Every single Quipster is special in his or her own way. Some are bonkers, some are weird, others have peculiar talents. Discover this wonderful place and count them all!

Anniversary Quipsters

Quipster is 10! To mark the anniversary, we have 10 new characters that trace our journey. And what a journey it’s been!



Our master contortionist, Twister, has got herself into a knot… Her latest effort to encircle her body three times with her limbs left her stuck in this unfortunate position. Will someone ‘untie’ her?



Half in the world of the living, half in the world of the dead, Skully looks pretty creepy. However, he’s a total sweetheart. He often bakes cakes for the office and does volunteer work at a local charity shop. Just don’t let your eyes wander below the neck, it makes him self-conscious.


With an IQ of 220, Smarta is the genius of Quipsterland. Our Nerd looks like a bit of an amateur in comparison, which is why he avoids public confrontations with her at all cost. It’s been said that Smarta is now taking over many tasks from him (all in unofficial capacity of course). Nevertheless, behind the scenes, the two are a great team; they live together in a shared apartment and both are fully dedicated to the advancement of science. In addition, Smarta is a real power woman who regularly organizes spelling competitions, teaches at Quipsterland's University and is constantly writing papers on one research topic or another. 



This dinosaur lover has a dream of becoming a great palaeontologist one day. His favourite film: Jurassic Park, of course. He even hopes to raise funds to open a theme park with real dinosaurs one day! We don't have a good feeling about this… But for now, our dinosaur fan needs to find a way out of his dino costume. He's been stuck in it for years after getting drunk and supergluing himself to it at a party. Does he regret it? Not really!


This adventurous Quipster is a hobby diver and a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. To finance his hobby, he runs a small beach bar and tells tourists tales of his adventures and miraculous finds from the bottom of the sea. In reality, however, he has so far found only a few bottle caps and a couple of rings lost by swimmers. We overheard him boast that he was the one who found Gini’s magic lamp at the bottom of the ocean - perhaps we should ask Gini if this story is true 🙄


This little Quipster has a weakness for sweet pasta. He's actually an actor and had his big breakthrough in the late 60s. Does that ring a bell? That's right, he played Cookie Monster on Sesame Street for years! But as is so often the case, early fame and lots of money led to a downfall. He got sloppy, ate too many cookies and was regularly late for set. He also became addicted to icing sugar and eventually fell out with the show's producers. Shortly afterwards, he was kicked off Sesame Street. But that didn't stop him from continuing to act and produce children's series. So far, however, he has not had any great success. In Quipsterland, however, he is a legend and is already planning a show with Nerd, Princess and Co.

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Grumpy is currently undergoing special anger management therapy at a secret location in the Alps and does not want to share any information about himself. Even his press agent refuses all interview requests at this particular moment. But we’re not giving up! Stay tuned as we try to find out more about our Grumpy.


It’s no surprise, our Mouse loves cheese more than anything! Fortunately for Mouse there’s no cat named Tom in Quipsterland yet, so he’s free to roam and cause mischief - eating everything cheese related that he can find. Consequently, many Quipsters have signed a petition to ban Mouse from Quipsterland, however, animal protection services opposed them, and thanks to bureaucracy, Mouse is allowed to continue his cheesy quests.


From Berlin to Bondi Beach, this Quipster is by far the coolest hipster in town, Beard! Always being in a competition with his cousin Burty, our Beard tries to win the hearts of all girls on the beaches of Quipsterland. Our Beard is one of the most confident Quipsters, he regularly hosts surf and drink competitions where he desperately tries to teach some other Quipsters like Nerd and Lifeguard to be a cool dude.

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Don't you agree that our Fluffy looks a little like an ostrich?! We can explain why... When he was a toddler he went camping with his dad, got completely lost and ended up at an ostrich farm. He sat between dozens of ostrich eggs until they hatched. They later accepted him to their pack, and after a while he began to look more like an ostrich than a Quipster - not even the farmer could tell them apart! But underneath all the fuzz, he is still a Quipster at heart. But guess what he does when he feels threatened... yes, he buries his head in the sand!

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First things first: the reason why Nerd is one of our most beloved Quipsters is that he started it all: He was one of the first Quipsters around. A true classic that is featured in all our collections. That alone makes him a legend! The Sheldon Cooper of Quipsterland was born with an IQ somewhere beyond 150. Like many other nerds, he's not known to be a fashionista, and he's not exactly a womanizer either, so he very much relies on his good friend's help: our Beard knows how to get all the girls and desperately tries to teach Nerd - without success though.

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With weekly attendances to Shopaholics Anonymous, Quipster's Princess has a serious shopping addiction to anything sparkly, shiny and all things pretty! She loves big entrances, maybe that's why she's always late and keeps everyone waiting - Quipsterland's uber-diva! But hey, she's obsessed with fashion and is notoriously overdressed, even if she's only running errands, she looks like she's on the red carpet of the Oscar's.

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Pssst.. we tell you a secret: our Hula is the twin sister of Princess. If you look closely, you can immediately spot similarities to her sister. But... unfortunately they don't only share their good traits, which means she is a shopping addict too and she's always late. Due to some credit card debts and a minor tax problem, she decided to move to Hawaii, changed her name, and founded a Hula dancing school on O'ahu.

Aloha! Hula is Quipster's Hawaiian goddess. Sway those hips, because with Hula you're always in a holiday mood!

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He was the Justin Bieber of his time. Sold out concerts, strange wigs and powder parties, groupies sleeping in front of his famous house in Salzburg's Getreidegasse were part of his lifestyle. But like many other famous rockstars, he left too soon! That's why Quipster's Mozart has come to take back his glory and fame!

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Trucker Joe

Remember our Redneck? Yeah, Joe settled down and started a family! Out of the love for his wife and kids, he ditched the rifle but someone is to provide for the family right!? Which is why he started a career as a trucker! Nowadays he's busy transporting fresh produce and lives a very mediocre life on his farm in Quipsterland's suburbs. But a little secret: He still makes his own whisky... his brand "XXX" is highly coveted among connoisseurs!

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What an American Football hero! You'd think Quarterback's a real go-getter, winning in life but off field he's not so spectacular. He loves the simple life: tending to his garden, carving wood sculptures in his garage and collecting stamps. His childhood friends Beard and Burty ask him to always join in on their antics but Quarterback prefers to stay at home and prep for his next big game.

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It was his biggest dream to one day become captain of his very own ship and crew. Unfortunately, Sailor suffers from left-right confusion. This makes navigating a ship somewhat tedious, even for the crew. Nevertheless, what many people don’t know, despite this weakness, he navigated the ship of none other than Christopher Columbus himself! Columbus wasn’t very convinced of his skills and how he became his navigator, no one knows. Nevertheless, Sailor was able to persuade him that they landed in India! Though only by chance, our Sailor managed to achieve something; the discovery of America! But because Sailor never appears in any historical writings of this discovery, he hired a lawyer to rectify these omissions. Sadly, without any luck so far.


Stuck in a tree and saved by a cat, Quipster's Q-Man is not the most heroic superhero you have ever met! He has always been a mystery. Nobody has ever seen him without his famous Q-mask. And we keep asking ourselves: who is this guy?? No one can question his big heart and his strong sense for justice. But please... keep this guy out of any crime scene! Since he started to "fight" the evil, the bad guys are having the times of their lifes. The government spends thousands of Q-dollars to get this man to be a better super hero. Unfortunately without success.. Get the matching Q-Man backpack!



No one knows that our Lifeguard has a serious sweet tooth. Every morning before he starts his shift as a lifeguard at Quipsterbeach, he shoves some donuts in his mouth. Unfortunately it's become a habit, that's why he has gained some serious fat rolls around the hips. But hey, at least he is creative! He started to wear his rubber duck to hide his muffin tops. Clever, huh?


As you’ve probably already heard, Redneck is one of our very first Quipsters! Although, today, he is known as Trucker Joe. He completely transformed himself for the better and mended his ways. He lives a relatively peaceful life on his ranch with his wife and kids. Find out more about "Trucker Joe" in his story!


According to unconfirmed sources, Professor holds a Nobel Prize in quantum physics! Nowdays, he has committed his life to saving the planet; as a researcher, he has been busy finding alternatives to fossil fuel. Without much success: three exploded laboratories later his insurance premiums were raised, which put our Professor under some serious financial pressure. So to finance his further research, he now teaches at the University of Quipsterland. Due to safety reasons, Professor is to stay away from fire and any form of explosives!

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Doesn't he look cute? But don't let his looks fool you. Our Bunny was in the Navy in the 70s, then he started trying different jobs. He was a bouncer in a famous 80s club, a stuntman and double for Bugs Bunny, he worked as a model for chocolate Easter bunnies and was even a can opener in a restaurant once - just look at those teeth! But it took him a while to find his true purpose: Now he's THE official Easter Bunny of Quipsterland and happier than ever!

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Maliboo has a bit of a soft spot for skimpy bathing suits and oversized sunnies. Unfortunately for Maliboo, she was rejected for a role in the iconic TV series Baywatch. Disappointed by her failure, she sat on the beach and pondered, when suddenly she spotted a black speck in the ocean. It was a drowning Quipster! In a heartbeat, she jumped into the rolling sets of waves and rescued him. Maliboo discovered her new found talent and from that day on, she became the top lifeguard in all of Quipsterland!

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Possibly the coolest dude in Quipsterland! Fin was a waiter on a cruise ship when one day during one of his shifts - it was a rough day out at sea - he fell overboard! Thank god for Fin, his surfing talent saved his life: he surfed ashore onto Quipsterland's beach on his tray! 

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A true Santa Claus lover! As a kid he started collecting all kinds of stuff related to the famous white bearded guy. Unfortunately, he never managed to get close to his idol. But time was on his side! Santa's loyal reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixem and Rudolph had become old and eventually had to retire. So, Santa was forced to hold an audition for young, fresh reindeers. This was the perfect occasion for our Rudolf (his real name is Herbert) to jump in a reindeer costume and fake his way into Santa's reindeer crew. Quipster's Rudolf with his nose so bright is the star of the show this Christmas!

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Xmas Tree

Psst! You want to know a little secret? Our Christmas tree is actually not a Christmas tree at all! He’s a Quipster just like every other. Well, not quite like every other… He has an obsession for presents and surprises and loves unpacking gifts so much that its turned into a rather bizarre hobby: every year, just before Christmas, he sneaks into a Christmas tree lot. There he sits and waits until some unsuspecting family buys him. Once purchased, the family places him in their living room. After lavishly decorating what they believe to be a beautiful Christmas tree, they place all their gifts underneath him. After the family is sound asleep he quietly grabs as many gifts as he can carry and sneaks off. The police of Quipsterland is helpless. In a last desperate measure they hired Q-Man to capture the shameless gift thief. Will Q-Man be successful in this endeavor? We doubt it..

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Abracadabra! Meet Quipster's favourite magic man: Wizard. Although kicked out of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for disciplinary reasons, he's still Harry Potter's bestie! But this is only one side of the story.. remember Quidditch? Well, our Wizard claims that the game was a product of his genius imagination. After sharing his idea with Hogwarts authorities, he was suddenly kicked out of school and the game was released without him. Our Wizard is absolutely convinced that all this is a plot against him to cut his share of the profit. Since then, he jingles from court to court and runs several law suits against Hogwarts. No one will ever know the truth, but we wish him luck to get the admiration he deserves!

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This inconspicuous Quipster is quite the sly fellow. Don't let his cute haircut fool you! In reality he’s a tough businessman and real estate mogul. Not only is he regarded as a business legend in Quipsterland, but he is also a role model for many young Quipsters. This was not always the case though. As a young boy he was very shy and struggled most of his life. At one point however, he decided to break out of that mold. Now, he is the largest landowner in Quipsterland and played a key role in developing the Downtown Financial District. Other than his apparent weakness for sweets and expensive cars that he so publicly displays, he’s always ready to lend an open ear to those seeking help because he knows that life is not always easy. He even makes sure to organize a yearly punch cake competition where he donates the proceeds to charity. No wonder everyone loves him so much!

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Got married at the age of 20, became a father of three, our Punk is stuck in a booooring 9 to 5 job at a cardboard factory. He desperately needs a way to let off some steam with some very unusual hobbies: he likes to mingle with the crowds at anti-government protests to rebel and rock his socks off on the weekends... until he has to return to his super orderly desk every Monday. Who can relate, huh?!

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What’s there to say about Love that hasn’t already been said? Love exists for as long as Quipsters have, and it's something that unifies them. You see, there's something very special about Quipsters; they're all so different yet they belong together. Everyone is welcome and accepted in this inclusive community that is Quipsterland. It's our Quipster couple that so beautifully symbolizes just that! Maybe we should take note and follow their example, wouldn’t you agree?

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Santa Claus

It hasn't been easy for Quipsterland's very own Santa Claus. He has missed out on Christmas more than once, his presents sometimes arrive and sometimes they don't. Maybe that's because of his weak sense of direction. We could also assume that maybe because he is also not the best driver... DUIs, parking tickets and withdrawals of license are pretty common for our Santa Claus. But anyway.. sure thing he is the most charming Santa of them all, right?

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Lady Liberty

Bored to tears from standing in the same spot for over 100 years, our Lady Liberty didn't feel at liberty at all. So, one day she decided to pack her stuff and discover the world. Soon she developed a real passion for fashion and started an internship at Vogue magazine. Her biggest dream in life is to become the next Anna Wintour! From time to time she also works as a fashion consultant for Quipster, helping us to get the most out of our products!

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Did you know, Pierre was actually born in France and his full name is Pierre Leclerc? A few years ago he moved to Quipsterland to promote wine culture because of his love for this ancient delight. Today, he owns his own vineyard in the mountains of Quipsterland. The mild climate makes for almost effortless cultivating of the finest grapes. Because of the success of his wine, he can live out all of his passions; playing golf on his very own golf course, opening a wine academy of the highest standards, and, of course, owning a couples wellness retreat. Recently, he’s even started dabbling in an innovative grape-based cosmetic line. There's no doubt Pierre knows how to live the good life. Savoir-Vivre!


Arrrr!! Quipster's friendliest yet poorest one-eyed, bearded Pirate who's never found a dime! He started as a bird breeder and has developed a true love for parrots. Soon he and his parrots became close friends and started hanging out together. But his friends and family thought that his hobby was a little weird, so he needed to find a way to justify his strange friendships: He grew a beard, stopped showering and decided to become an one-eyed pirate.


Beard's cousin Burty, is by far the coolest Quipster in town! The competition runs thick and high between these two as they both strive to win the hearts of all the lucky ladies in Quipsterland. Burty used to work as a successful broker back in the 80's, he was Wallstreet's bright star, but lots of parties, women, and dubious substances led him to a serious breakdown. That's when he decided he needs a major lifestyle change.. so he replaced suit and tie with a hot thong, changed location from bustling New York to the beaches of the world, and he let go of everything BUT parties and women. Burty exudes confidence as he exhibits his brown-sunburnt skin and golden chain stacks.


Ever wondered what came first...The Quipster or the egg!? We will leave that up to your imagination! To this day, Scientists haven't captured the birth of a Quipster in the wild on camera. But the appearance of our Quipster Eggshell leads to assumptions that each Quipster's life starts in an egg. So keep your eyes open, next time you're hiking and you see a weird looking egg it might be a Quipster egg. Please hand it to a scientist and help shed light on one of the biggest mysteries of mankind!


Figaro invented the perm, at least that's what we're told. It was such an innovation that every hair salon simply had to offer it! Thanks to his creation, he opened numerous hair salons throughout Quipsterland. He became so popular that everyone wants him as their guest of honor and no VIP list is complete without his name on it. Little do they know, however, that Figaro has another side to him; he's got big dreams to open multiple boutique hair salons for dogs all over Quipsterland.


During the ’20s Quipsterland experienced its own kind of prohibition - forbidding the sale of soft drinks! Can you imagine? But this is exactly how our Gangster rose to fame - bootlegging soft drinks right from under shop counters. He gained such popularity that he was given the title, "The Soft Drink Baron“! The police were helpless because there was no way to indict him; he was that clever. It's speculated that he made millions! Nevertheless, gangster life started getting too stressful and bouts of anxiety made Gangster decide to leave it all behind and move back to his home in Sicily, where he bought an orange orchard in the hopes of settling down and living an easy life. In 2013, he was one of the few Quipsters launched in the first batch of T-Shirts. Almost instantly they were sold out! Such was his popularity even in retirement. What a legend! However, this popularity wasn’t much to his liking though, so he decided to step away from the limelight. We're still hoping that maybe, one day, he might just change his mind.


Jealous of Casper's fame, Quipster's Ghost longs to be adored! He is not the most successful ghost on the planet: people just aren't scared of him, even though he tries really hard. One more reason for his lack of success is that he is the one who's notoriously scared of pretty much everything out there. He needs to visit motivational classes and even goes to therapy.


What a dude, our Gini. Every person that's become his master decided on returning him immediately. The problem isn’t that Gini isn’t enthusiastic about his profession, he’s unfortunately just not very good at it! Every time he grants a wish, the exact opposite happens. By the time he realizes it, it's too late. A piece of advice; don't wish for what you want.


Married to Helga for 30 years, the lovable Hans embodies everything that connects us to our beloved home country, Austria. He's easy-going, a lover of life and knows the true meaning of happiness - Beer and Pretzels! An Austrian country boy to his core, he runs his own micro beer brewery in Quipsterland. Oh by the way, he is not only a beer aficionado, but also a passionate eater and has won several Weisswurst eating contests.


She wears the Lederhosen in this marriage! She's tough, curvaceous and full of joy! This is Helga and she makes the world's best Schnitzel.


Ciao Bella! Meet Quipster's Michelin star rated chef, Mario! Or has he got us all fooled?! With his Italian flare, this trickster has moved his way up the rankings using his charisma and not his talents!


Our Lolly is only 3 years old and already has the biggest sweet tooth! The reason behind that is his parents slacked off a bit when it came to discipline. Lolly was a very active baby and wouldn’t sleep through the night. The only way Lolly would get some shut-eye was if his parents gave him a lolly - a convenient, albeit a rather unhealthy solution. Since then, no matter the situation, Lolly needs a Lolly, for if he doesn't get one, all of Quispterland will hear his cries. It has gotten so out of hand that Lolly was put on a strict lolly detox. Let’s see if it helps. Here’s to hoping!


In college, he was an adored basketball player. Despite his short stature of only 1.72m, he was the top scorer of his team! Unfortunately, as so many stories go, he suffered a debilitating injury and was told he could never play basketball again. For most, this would mean a major defeat; not for our Afro though. Instead of being defeated, he decided to steer his life in a slightly new direction that would still involve his love of the game; he would become a basketball coach! In no time he became the new tactical mastermind behind basketball prodigies such as Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Oddly enough though, he suffers from social anxiety which is why you never find him in pictures. He prefers to stay in the background and let his closest friends, the world's top NBA stars, take the lead. He's so revered that Michael Jordan always makes sure to send Afro a pair of his latest sneakers. No wonder Afro has such an impressive sneaker collection!


Our Quipster Baby is in fact not a baby. He’s actually 37 years old and divorced! Crazy, right? Tax returns, rent, insurances, credit statements.. it all got to him, and that’s when he decided adulthood wasn’t serving him. He didn’t want any part of it. From that day on, he went by the name „Baby“ and acted as such. He didn't care about anything anymore and wouldn’t even leave his home. We're told he still doesn’t. What an odd decision, in our opinion. He must really miss his childhood.


Prom king is notoriously afraid of women and has never even had a girlfriend! That didn't stop him though, instead, he decided to step up and find a lovely lady to ask as his prom date. Even the 3.824 rejections wouldn't get the better of him! He began taking dance lessons and he even went as far as attending couples therapy! Yeah, about that, it was just a precautionary measure in case he ever found himself in a critical situation where his relationship was at stake. Makes sense, right? That's not all though, he made sure to consistently dry clean his ties and look for the latest dating sites he could join. Our Prom king is perhaps the best example for all the singles out there, who haven’t found their partner yet. Never give up because the right one is just around the corner.