About Us

Quipster was founded in 2013 by three friends. It started as an experiment which turned into a real brand. The drawings of our unique, funny and slightly weird characters were the basis for a label that inspires people and puts a smile on their faces. Our intention was to have fun, so all entrepreneurial decisions were made according to our „gut feeling“. Crazy, right? But it worked!

In 2014, the opportunity arose to open a pop-up store in Salzburg, our hometown. It was just in time for the Christmas season and, as so often, the risk paid off! This is how the first boutique in the Griesgasse in Salzburg was created. The success of the store allowed Quipster to develop into a larger brand. It took about a year to open the flagship store in Salzburg’s Getreidegasse, followed by another store in the heart of Vienna just a few months later.

What began with three friends, a pen and paper, a few t-shirts and a very small budget, is a successful Austrian company today!
Quipster has a unique and diverse team from all across the world and its custom- ers follow in those footsteps. Today, our team consists of 18 people and we ship our t-shirts to more than 20 countries with a volume of 50.000 products per year.

Check out our hashtag - #quipster - lost of smiling faces guaranteed!