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QTV Season 2 is finally here with a brand new look! Discover Salzburg creative minds and find out what their passions are and what makes them tick.

Quipster x Creatives | Alexia Kalteis

Season 1

Episode 1:
Interview with Andreas Körner, Co-Founder & Head of Creative
Episode 2:
Interview with The Oceans, Pop Band
Episode 3:
Interview with Sara Mari Amora, Quipster Vienna Store Managerin
Episode 4:
Interview with Akin Aktas, Co-Founder & CEO
Episode 5:
Interview with Karl Kayzer, Singer/Songwriter
Episode 6:
Interview with Alina al Wazzan-Aktas, Quipster Co-Founder
Episode 7:
Interview with Burak Aktas aka TheWristGuy, YouTuber & watch blogge
Episode 8:
Interview with Arnold Lanator, Quipster-Model
Episode 9:
Interview with Anja Kundrat, Quipster-Photographer