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Timmy Socks


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This inconspicuous quipster is quite the sly fellow. Don't let his cute haircut fool you! In reality he’s a tough businessman and real estate mogul. Not only is he regarded as a business legend in Quipsterland, but he is also a role model for many young Quipsters. This was not always the case though. As a young boy he was very shy and struggled most of his life. At one point however, he decided to break out of that mold. Now, he is the largest landowner in Quipsterland and played a key role in developing the Downtown Financial District. Other than his apparent weakness for sweets and expensive cars that he so publicly displays, he’s always ready to lend an open ear to those seeking help because he knows that life is not always easy. He even makes sure to organize a yearly punch cake competition where he donates the proceeds to charity. No wonder everyone loves him so much!


  • Size and Fit
    • Unisex cut
    • S: 36-39, M: 39-42, L: 43-46
  • Composition and Care
    • 84% cotton, 15% polyamide, 1% elastane
    • Machine wash
  • Designed in Austria